Afro-Chinese Arts Festival's conference

Afro-Chinese Arts Festival’s press conference to be held October 15

The press conference of the fourth edition of the Afro-Chinese Arts and Folklore Festival will be held under the chairmanship of Suhair Abdel Kader at the Cairo Library in Zamalek on Oct. 15 at 4:30 p.m. Details of the festival’s fourth edition will be announced during the conference.

Egypt stop sale of Tutankhamun statue

Egypt tries to stop sale of Tutankhamun statue in London

Officials fear bust of pharaoh might have been looted from Karnak temple in Luxor. Egyptian authorities are trying to stop the auction of a statue of Tutankhamun’s head at Christie’s auction house in London next month after concerns were raised that the bust might have been stolen from the Karnak temple in Luxor.